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  • So there I was young and dumb, ordering an ugly cast piece of garbage from someone else. Then I grew up and threw that puppy in the trash and ordered a steed. Nice and clean, perfect welds every time. What’s the lead time because I’m about to order my 3rd

  • Best flowing and good quality and welds and looking and coating!!!! Best manifold on the market hand down definitely buying another!!!!!

    Jake F
  • Quality, performance and esthetics. Nothing more to say

  • I can only say I am excited to get a Steed speed manifold for one of my trucks worth the price as I have a large network of people who use your product but a lil difficult to manage the price yet but it’s coming

    Turbo Diesel Papa
  • As a long time user that only recommends quality manifolds that don’t crack and preform awesome is one of the many reasons I only use steed speed and why I became a dealer.

    Brandon R
  • Love my manifold on my 05 Cummins with compounds sounds and flows great with awesome coating

  • I’m restoring my 01 dodge and idk why but I found you guys one day and never looked back I knew when I started restoring it that this was the company I wanted to do business with and to put your product on my truck and I truly can say I’m not disappointed at all it’s the pride and joy of the truck to me it looks so clean and makes the engine bay just look that much better absolutely love my manifold keep up the great work guys

    Slab Steve
  • Love my steed speed manifold! It looks great and performs even better! Customer service is top notch. We noticed an increase in jake brake hold back on c15 cats when changing to steeds manifolds also

    CrossBred Diesel
  • I love the fit and form! All the positive feedback is what made me lol into them, but talking with people personally who’ve ran them is what made up my mind. If I could go back in time, I would have ordered the same thing but with a waste gate port.
    I have the t4 angled on my 98 12 valve

    JC MY 12 Valve
  • Love my manifold it’s a work of art that will stand the test of time

    Cameron W

    Crafting Quality Since 2007

    Our Manifold Expertise

    At Steed Speed, we're more than just manufacturers; we're enthusiasts dedicated to engineering turbo manifolds that redefine performance standards. With years of expertise and a passion for precision, our mission is to craft exhaust solutions that elevate your ride to new heights. Learn more about our journey and commitment to quality.

    Streamline Cleanup & Efficiency

    CNC Metal Chip Removal System

    Steed Speed’s in house metal chip management system — cut down dramatically on cleanup man hours and keep CNC’s cleaner automatically.

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